Nutri-Soothing Mask


Nourishment from Shea Butter, calming properties from Calendula and Sea Chamomile with barrier protection from Ascophyllum Nodosum a marine active.

This cream-based mask envelopes the skin while helping it regain comfort through nourishment while redness is diminished and the skin soothed.


ALGO 4® An exclusive bio-mimetic complex that replenishes the skin continuously to restore radiance and energy with an increased concentration of Blue Thistle to nourish and intensely hydrate the skin cells.

UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA – PROTECTS – activates the skin cells’ natural protection systems against oxidative stress.

PORPHYRIDIUM CRUENTUM – OXYGENATES – stimulates microcirculation and cellular oxygenation and improves skin metabolism.

BLUE THISTLE – HYDRATES – helps the skin manufacture its molecules of life: lipids (intercellular cement, ceramides), proteins (collagen, elastin and keratin) and sugars. Cell regeneration improves.

ROCK SAMPHIRE – STIMULATES – all skin cells and particularly the fibroblasts. Increased production of molecules of the extracellular skin matrix (proteoglycans, collagen, elastin).

GULF STREAM SEAWATER – REMINERALIZES – rich in 96 minerals and trace elements, to remineralise and balance the skin before treating it.

SEA CHAMOMILE – SOOTHE – This anti-inflammatory soothes the skin, reduces redness and feelings of tightness.

ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM (BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT) – PROTECT – Protects the skin from the effects of pollution and strengthens the skin barrier.

 IMPROVE SKIN TOLERANCE – This powerful soothing ingredient obtained by biotechnology significantly reduces skin sensitivity.

CHAMOMILE – CALM – Proven calming and soothing properties.

CALENDULA – SOFTEN– Softens and soothes the skin.

SHEA BUTTER – NOURISH – Deters skin dryness while softening and nourishing.

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