Revitalising Hydro-Protective Cream


Enriched with Algo 4 Complex, Marine Exopolysaccharides, Shea Butter & Vitamin E that work together to strengthen the hydro-lipidic barrier, hydrate and stimulate the skin.

A medium textured cream that is the first step in helping to slow sun induced ageing while having antioxidant properties.


Size: 50ml
GREEN & CLEAN FORMULAS. A rigorous and safe natural formulation charter for the skin.
Active Marine ingredients boosted with pure seawater for visible results.
Sourced and made in France on the pristine shores of Brittany.

ALGO 4® An exclusive bio-mimetic complex that replenishes the skin continuously to restore radiance and energy with an increased concentration of Blue Thistle to nourish and intensely hydrate the skin cells.

UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA – PROTECTS – activates the skin cells’ natural protection systems against oxidative stress.

PORPHYRIDIUM CRUENTUM – OXYGENATES – stimulates microcirculation and cellular oxygenation and improves skin metabolism.

BLUE THISTLE – HYDRATES – helps the skin manufacture its molecules of life: lipids (intercellular cement, ceramides), proteins (collagen, elastin and keratin) and sugars. Cell regeneration improves.

ROCK SAMPHIRE – STIMULATES – all skin cells and particularly the fibroblasts. Increased production of molecules of the extracellular skin matrix (proteoglycans, collagen, elastin).

GULF STREAM SEAWATER – REMINERALIZES – rich in 96 minerals and trace elements, to remineralise and balance the skin before treating it.

ALARIA ESCULENTA – FIRMS – Promotes the synthesis of collagen fibres and protects elastin from free radical damage.

MARINE EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES – STRENGTHEN – Improves skin tolerance by strengthening and protecting the hydro-lipidic film.

SHEA BUTTER – NOURISHING – An emollient which nourishes and restores elasticity with suppleness to the skin.

DIATOM EXTRACT – DETOXIFY – Helps to eliminate toxins from the skin cells and aids in the prevention of natural and sun-induced aging.

VITAMIN E – ANTIOXIDANT – Helps traps free radicals.

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